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[texts]Choond (Election) - Syed Irfan Ali Shah
Short stories book on the importance of  the vote!
Keywords: Choond
Downloads: 4
[texts]Aneesul Muriden
By Maulana Muhammad Hasan Jan Sirhindi
Keywords: Sindhi; Biography
Downloads: 3
[texts]Pir Sahib Pagaray Jay Gadee Bahal Thiya Na Jo Dastaan Muhammad Umar Chand - Muhammad Umar Chand
Pir Sahib Pagaray Jay Gadee Bahal ThiyaNa Jo Dastaan (The Story of the Restoration of Gadee of Pir Sahib Pagaro in February 1952) by Professor Muhammad Umar Chand: How disciples of Pir Pagaro Hurs and Saalim were abused and miss-treated as a Criminal Tribe for about 60 years; how Pir Sahib Sibghatullah Shah was imprisoned twice on false cases and eventually hanged by a Kangaroo Military Court in 1943, how the Dargah and the Gadee were abolished and how after the collapse of the Empire the Shahza...
Keywords: Pir Sahib Sikandar Shah Mardan Shah; Pir Sibghatullah Shah; Sabghatullah Shah; Restoration; Abolish; Hurs of Pir Pagaro; Muhammad Umar Chand; Sindhi Garang; Pir Jo Goth; Kingri
Downloads: 21
[texts]Masnavi Dard Nama.... (Sindhi Translation) - Sufi Faqir
Sindhi Translation of Persian Masnavi of Hazrat Sufi Sachal Sarmast
Keywords: sachal; sarmast; masnavi; sindh; sindhi; tassawuf; faqir; sufism; persian
Downloads: 38
[texts]Mandi Thi Na Maruee
A Autobiography by Bineeta Nagpal in Sindhi
Keywords: Bineeta Nagpal; Sindhi; Autobiography
Downloads: 3
[texts]Tafsir Bismillah And Aayaat Shifaa In Surah Yunus Rasheeduddin Almeybodi Sindhi Translation - Rasheeduddin Almeybodi, tr. Muhammad Umar Chand
Tafsir Ayat Tasmiya (Bismillahir Rahmaanir Rahim) and Aayat Shifaa ul limaa fis-Sudoor (Surah Yunis, verses 57 and 58) by Rasheeduddin Almeybodi (520 Hijri), disciple of Khwaja Abdullah Ansari Alaih Rahmah, translation in Sindhiقرآن جي عظمت جون ڪي ڳالهيونتفسير آية تسميت (بسم الله الرحمٰن الرحيم) ۽ تفسيرآيات شفاءُ لما في الصدور (سورة يونس آيات 57 ۽ 58) سنڌي ٻوليءَ ۾ ترجمو
Keywords: آية تسمية، بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم، شفاء لما في الصدور، آية شفا، تفسير رشيدالدين الميبدوي، کشف الاسرار و عدة البار،Kashafalisrar wa Uddatulabrar; Khwaja Abdullah Ansari; Rasheeduddin Almeybodi; Bismillah; Shifau lma fis-Sudoor; Surah Yunus; verses 57; 58
Downloads: 11
[texts]Jaann - Mohammad Uris Panhwar
Jaan a science magazine in Sindhi written nd edited by Mohammad Uris Panhwar Orignally from http://www.travel-culture.com/jaann/
Keywords: Sindhi; Science in Sindhi; Sindhi risalo; Mohammad urus Panhwar; Mohammad Uris
Downloads: 13
[texts]Dr Baloch Hiku Misaalee Aalim More Articles In Sindhi Part Two 2 - Taj Joyo, Mohammad Usman Mangi, Muhammad Umar Chand
Dr. Baloch Hiku Misaalee 'Aalim (Dr. Baloch an exemplary scholar) eleven more articles by Muhammad Umar chand, Dr. Dur Muhammad Pathan, Hamid Sindhi, Sughar Abdur Rahman Mahesar, Parwano Bhatti, Professor Sahar Imdad Hussaini, Abdur Rahman Palijo, Aziz Jaafarani of Sujawal, Hafiz Habib Sindhi, Rasul Bakhsh Tameemee, and Taj Joyo
Keywords: Muhammad Umar chand; Dr. Dur Muhammad Pathan; Hamid Sindhi; Sughar Abdur Rahman Mahesar; Parwano Bhatti; Professor Sahar Imdad Hussaini; Abdur Rahman Palijo; Aziz Jaafarani of Sujawal; Hafiz Habib Sindhi; Rasul Bakhsh Tameemee; and Taj Joyo; Sindhi; Dr. Nabibakhsh Khan Baloch
Downloads: 16
[texts]Dr Baloch Hiku Misaalee Aalim More Articles In Sindhi Part Two - Taj Joyo, Muhammad Usman Mangi, Muhammad Umar Chand
Dr. Baloch Hiku Misaalee Aalim (an exemplary scholar), articles by Muhammad Umar Chand, Dr. Dur Muhammad Pathan, Hameed  Sindhi, Sughar Abdur Rahman Mahesar, Parwano Bhatti, Professor Sahar Imdad, Abdur Rahman Palijo, Aziz Jaafarani of Sujawal, Hafiz Habib Sindhi, Rasul Bakhsh Tameemee, Taj Joyo, covering major aspects of Dr Baloch's research methodolgy and achievements
Keywords: Dr. N.A. Baloch; Dr. Nabibakhsh Khan Baloch; Muhammad Umar Chand; Dr. Dur Muhammad Pathan; Hameed Sindhi; Sughar Abdur Rahman Mahesar; Parwano Bhatti; Professor Sahar Imdad; Abdur Rahman Palijo; Aziz Jaafarani of Sujawal; Hafiz Habib Sindhi; Rasul Bakhsh Tameemee; Taj Joyo
Downloads: 17
[texts]Al Irshad Sindhi
Al-Irshad Sharah Banat Saad, Sindhi
Keywords: Sindhi
Downloads: 8
[texts]Foulad Ali Faqeer Shar And Dr Nabibakhsh Khan Baloch - Foulad Faqir Shar; Dr. Nabi Bakhsh Baloch; Muhammad Umar Chand
Foulad Ali Faqeer Shar's sawanih (autobiography) as published in Mehran Quarterly and a review of his correspondence with Dr. Nabibakhsh Khan Baloch published in "Piyaaran ja Paigham" and Sajjana Sareenday" -- the review and introduction by Muhammad Umar Chand.
Keywords: Foulad Faqir; Faulad Faqir; Dr. Nabi Bakhsh Baloch; ajjan Saareenday; Piyaaran Ja Paigham; Tunia Shah
Downloads: 13
[texts]Khwaja Abullah Ansaris Letter To Nizamul Mulk On How To Live On This Earth Translation Muhammad Umar Chand In Sindhi - Khwaja abdullah Ansari, translated in Sindhi by Muhammad Umar Chand
Epistle or letter of Khwaja Abdullah Ansari addressed to Nizamul Mulk regarding how to live on this earth with humility love and affection etc. A beautiful lesson in Islamic Morality. The Persian letter is translated in Sindhi by Muhammad Umar Chand
Keywords: Khwaja Abdullah Ansari; Nizamul Mulk Tusi; Letter; Sindhi from Persian; Islamic Morality
Downloads: 19
[texts]Kalam Girhori Sindhi - Abdur Rahim Girhori, Dr. Umar Bin Muhammad Daupoto
Kalaam Girhori (The Verse Discourse of Makhdoom abdur Rahim Girhori) edited and compiled by Dr. Umar Bin Muhammad Daudpoto, in Sindhi language
Keywords: Makhdoom abdur Rahim Girhori; Kalam Girhori; Sufi; Tassawuf; Sindhi
Downloads: 19
[texts]Mahboobiyat Ul Mahmoodiya Khalifo Mahmood Nizamani - Khalifo Mahmood Faqir Nizamani of Kariyo Ganhwar
Mahboobiyat-ul-Mahmoodiyah Sindhi translation of Persian work of the same name by Khalifo Mahmood Nizamani of Kariyo Ganhwar (Qariyah Sharif) detailing the Awraad (wird, Wadheefah) of Pir Saeen Mohammad Rashid Shah Rozay Dhani. Translation in Sindhi by Qazi Fatehu Rasool Nizamani of Tando Qaisar.محبوبيت امحمودية، کتاب الاوراد، تصنيف خليفو محمود نظاماڻي رحمة الله عليه، پنهنجي مرشد محمد راشد روضي ڌڻي ترجم...
Keywords: Mahboobiyatul Mahmoodiyah; Khailfo Mahmood Nizamani; Kariyo Ganhwar; Qariya Sharif; Muhammad Rashid Shah; Rozay Dhani; Qazi Fateh Rasool Nizamani
Downloads: 1
[texts]Shah Abdul Latif Tehqeeqi Ann Tanqedi Jaizo - Prof. Ghulam Rasool Akram Soomro
Research and Critical Evaluation on "Shah-Jo-Risalo" Prof Ghulam Rasool Akram Soomro researching last 4 decades to improve and provide original words of Shah Abdul Latif (RA) which was used in poetry his poetry. Prof Akram Sb quoted solid evidence and explanations with example in simple language in each improvable poetry. Through this research we can easily understand the Shah Latif poetry and messages.
Keywords: Shah Abdul Latif Tehqeeqi Ann Tanqedi Jaizo
Downloads: 5
[texts]Attardid ul Qawwi Sindhi - Allama Muhammad Idrees Dahiri
Author: Allama Muhammad Idrees DahiriDigitized by Maktabah Mujaddidiyah (www.maktabah.org)
Keywords: Sindhi; Dahiri; Yazid
Downloads: 57
[texts]Kalam Hazrat Misri Shah Imam Rizvi - Faqir Tariq Hayat Lashari
Biography and collection of poetry of famous sufi saint of Sindh Hazrat Misri Shah Imam Rizvi.
Keywords: misri; shah; sindhi; sufism; sufis; sufism; poetry; kalam; divan; deevan; devan; dewan; faqir
Downloads: 39
[texts]Shama-e Risalat Sindhi
Seerat book, by Mawlana Sajid Faruqi Tahiri
Keywords: Sindhi; Seerat
Downloads: 79
[texts]Banbhore - Umer Soomro
Barbaricon/Debal/Banbhore; an ancient times administrative and commercial centre and active seaport of Sindh
Keywords: Banbhore; Banbhore Division; M H Panhwar; Umer Soomro; Sindh; Trade of Sindh in Ancient Times; South Asia; Pakistan
Downloads: 1
[texts]Hazrat Bilal
Hazrat Bilal, SindhiBiography of the famous Sahabi Hazrat Bilal Habshi
Keywords: Sindhi; Bilal; Habashi; biography
Downloads: 182
[texts]Bayan ur Rahman Sindhi Quran
Sindhi translation of the Holy Quran
Keywords: Sindhi; Quran; Translation; Sirhindi
Downloads: 74
[texts]Makhdum Nooh Sarwar Ja Sahyogi
Makhdum Nooh Sarwar Ja Sahyogi, Sindhi
Keywords: Sindhi; Sarwar; Hala; Sindh; Sufism; Biography
Downloads: 64
[texts]Holy Quran Sindhi
Keywords: Holy Quran; Sindhi; Pakistan; Translation; Sindh
[texts]Sindh Jee Rejani Tareekh - M H Panhwar / Umer Soomro
Sindhi translation of: Six Thousand Years of History of Irrigation in Sindh. Author M H Panhwar. Compiled by: Umer Soomro
Keywords: M H Panhwar; Umer Soomro; Sani Panhwar; History of Irrigation; Sindh; South Asia; Pakistan; Irrigation
Downloads: 1
[texts]Quran With Sindhi
Holy Quran with Sindhi translation
Keywords: Sindhi; Quran; Amroti
Downloads: 527
[texts]Saada't E Umrah - syed ali muhammad shah aajiz
a journey to Holy land in sindhi
Keywords: syed ali muhammad shah aajiz; guide; book; umrah
Downloads: 6
[texts]Ishq Aloot Sindhi
Ishq Aloot
Keywords: Ishq; Sindhi; Sufism
Downloads: 96
[texts]Aqwal E Mirza Bedil Sindhi - Tariq Hayat Lashari
This books contains quotations of famous Persian Sufi poet Hazrat Sufi Mirza Abdul Qadir Bedil Dehlvi.
Keywords: bedil; mirza; abdul qadir bedil; bedl; beydil; dehlvi
Downloads: 62
[texts]Sachal Jo Kalam
Sindhi poetry of Sachal Sarmast
Keywords: Sindhi; Sachal; Poetry
Downloads: 79
[texts]Peraeti Sindh Katha - M H Panhwar / Umer Soomro
Sindhi translation of M. H. Panhwar's classic work: Chronological Dictionary of Sindh
Keywords: M H Panhwar; Umer Soomro; Ahsan Ali Soomro; Sindh; History of Sindh; South Asia; Pakistan
Downloads: 3
[texts]Tuhfat Ul Murshideen by Shah Mardan Shah Pir Pagaro - Pir Sahib Pagaro Shamsul Ulema Shah Mardan Shah, compiled by Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf Bhambhro
Tuhfatul Murshideen by Shamsul 'Ulema Shah Mardan Shah Awwal, Kote Dhani, Pir Sahib Pagaro Khaamis (5th), compiled and edited by Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf Bhambhro, Published by Sikandariyah Publications, Jami'ah Rashdiyyah, Dargah Mubarak at Pir Jo Goth, (1429 AH/ 2008 Common Era-- in Sindhi languageal 5 Risalahs: (1) Bay'atnama), (2) Qaatil-Bid'ah, (3)Barkaatun-Nikah, (4) Zakat al Waajib, (5) Hurmat Riba
Keywords: Pir Pagaro; Shamsul Ulema Shah Mardan Shah; Tuhfatul Murshideen; Islam; Tassawuf, Fiqh; Five Risalas Bay'at,al Murideen,, Qaatil al-Bida'ah, Barkaat-n-Nikah, Zakat al Wajib, Tanbeeh al ibtaal fee Hurmat Riba
Downloads: 31
[texts]Tahreek-e-Azadi Ulama (Sindhi)
Tahreek-e-Azadi Ulama (Sindhi)Digitized by Maktabah Mujaddidiyah (www.maktabah.org)
Keywords: Sindhi; Ulama
Downloads: 79
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